Wheat Germ

Wheat germ

INCI: Triticum vulgare (Wheat) Germ

Wheat germ oil is a natural vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing the wheat germ. It is a good cosmetic ingredient thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins E, A and D (antioxidants) and vegetable ceramides.

Thanks to its high content in Vitamin E, it has great antioxidant activity and it’s also a great stimulant of microcirculation due to the protective activity of vitamin E on the membrane lipids of the capillaries, there is an improvement in skin microcirculation which in turn allows a better supply of nutrients to the skin.Its content in Ceramides and Essential Fatty Acids, this vegetable oil promotes two important actions on the skin: on the one hand, it acts as a skin conditioner, combating dryness and wrinkle formation in the skin, an excellent anti-ageing agent. And on the other hand, it has a great anti-inflammatory effect.




Anti-aging properties on mature skins.



Acts as a fantastic moisturizer on dehydrated, dry and oily skin.



Thanks to the presence of vitamins and fatty acids, wheat germ is a great regenerator. 

Origin: Spain