About Uzza

Behind each great moment, there’s always a good conversation. In this great conversation prior to Uzza, we talk about sustainable cosmetics, healthy skinsand natural ingredients of Moroccan origin that have been used for years in cosmetic treatments. But above all, the need to find a brand of personalized cosmetics that will listen and help understand our skin. Uzza is more than a brand that sells creams, Uzza is the place where you can talk to your skin and take care of it for what it really is.

Uzza is a natural and sustainable brand of customized cosmetics.

Born in Morocco,
Made in Barcelona.

What do we stand for?

Diversity: we value diversity in all its forms. We are creating a safe space for all gender expressions, identities and skin tones. Community: we trust, respect and engage conversations with our community. Digital wellness: it is time to recognize and avoid the effects that digital distortion in social networks has on people’s self-image. Sustainability: we use Ocean Waste Plastic in our packaging and create sustainable life cycles for all our cosmetic products. The main ingredients we use come from Moroccan women’s cooperatives. Our formulas are inspired by the culture of traditional Moroccan beauty and our products are created in Barcelona, using natural and organic ingredients of high quality. Authenticity and honesty.

Our products

At Uzza Skincare we create natural cosmetics formulated with organic ingredients of Moroccan inspiration and created in Barcelona under many hours of work,

R+D and love (the latter is never missing). You can also make an online facial diagnosis to find your skin type and get your personalized facial routine. By now, you’ve seen that we only have the Open Sesame cleanser available, it happens that our natural facial creams, the wonderful eye contour, serums and organic oils are in the laboratory being elaborated…launching new formulas takes time! but we were so eager to share Uzza with you and you that we decided to launch with you. Open Sesame our 2 in 1 gel to milk facial cleanser. We are especially excited to think that the beginning of Uzza is also the beginning of your facial routines, we did not see a better way to start this adventure.

Meet our ingredients