About Uzza

Uzza was born in Barcelona in 2019, but the seed of the project was sown during the summer of 2018 in a garden with damask roses in Marrakech, chatting with friends and drinking mint tea while Yasmine Hamdan was playing in the background.

When we started Uzza, we talked about the need to create a brand that was able to listen and treat all skin types — knowing them for real. The need to radically change the concept of “inclusiveness” in the beauty industry, and make it truly inclusive so that no one else feels excluded because of being “different.” Uzza is more than a brand that sells creams: Uzza is the place to talk with your skin and take care of what you are.

Inspired by the beauty tradition of Morocco and based on the most advanced dermatological science, UZZA formulates in its Barcelona’s lab creams that are as enchanting as they are effective for your skin type. The key to our formulation? The magic of North-African ingredients and the love we put into it.

The market for skincare may seem oversaturated at times. Too many brands mass producing products may make it overwhelming to find the right routine for you. This is where Uzza Skincare comes in to help.

People buy a pile of different cosmetics because they don’t know which one really fits their skin. At Uzza, we diagnose your skin type and recommend a customised skincare routine based on our product line. Here is our process:

1. You complete our Skin Diagnosis

2. We get your answers and we study your skin type and skin condition

3. We send you the results and a curated skincare routine to help you understand and treat the skin you have

Try our quiz for yourself! It will only take four minutes of your time.


At Uzza we believe in combining ancient wisdom, nature and science to enhance the benefits and properties of our Oriental ingredients. All Uzza formulas are inspired by Moroccan traditions, landscapes and ingredients which have been used for centuries to create plant-based cosmetics. All our natural creams, serums, organic oils, cleaners and organic facial tonics are formulated with a Moroccan ingredient as a guiding star.


Diversity: we value diversity in all its forms. We are creating a safe space for all gender expressions, identities and skin tones. Community: we trust, respect and engage in conversations with our community. Digital wellness: it is time to recognize and avoid the effects that digital distortion in social networks has on people’s self-image. Sustainability: We use natural and organic ingredients. Our main ingredients come from Moroccan women’s cooperatives. Authenticity and honesty. You are worthy, not perfect. Share your vulnerability without fear.


Al-Uzza was an Arabian goddess associated with the planet Venus. She embodies strength, beauty and power and she’s usually represented with a star between her eyebrows as a symbol of self-knowledge and wisdom, two elements in our brand. From the very beginning we wanted to create a brand that would offer customised skincare, we believe in creating safe spaces to engage in conversations that invite you to look inwards. Most brands present products to make you look like someone that is not really you, shaping your identity to fit you in a mould that wasn’t built for you. That’s why we decided to name the brand after Uzza, she represents all we want to encourage.